Vertigolf 1 & 2

Game Description:

Get high in Vertigolf 1&2 in these two vertigo inducing 3D mini golf games set on floating islands in the sky. In Vertigolf 1 you take on 18 challenging holes with the bonus 19th if you can beat par. Then play one of the three 9 hole courses in Vertigolf 2 with the extra challenges of travelators, spinners and devilish mechanical obstacles to block your path to he hole. Both games feature 3D graphics, realistic physics simulation, mulitplayer so 5 players can play a round on one PC, practice mode to play any hole, action replays and full screen playback.


Vertigolf 1 & 2 (WRAPPED) (13MB). This bundle features both games in a game wrapper that enables multiple screen resolution options and full screen playback. PLEASE NOTE: This bundle does not work in Windows 8 and in some configurations of Windows 7. Try the individual games from the link below if this version does not work.

Vertigolf 1 & 2 (INDIVIDUAL) (18MB). This bundle features both games individualy as simple Director projector files. The games are played in a window and the screen resolution option in the game has no effect. These versions should work in all versions of Windows.


These two games were developed back in 2003/2004 and as such we are no longer able to offer support for them.

System requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • 3D Graphics Card with 32MB RAM with hardware acceleration
  • Pentium2 or better - 800Mhz or compatible with 64 MB RAM
  • Shockwave Player - get at

  • If you have problems running the "wrapped" version of the game then please download and install the individual games from the link above.