Cryptid Curling

An avid Cryptozoologist loses all his hunting gear in an unfortunate frozen lake accident. Luckily Sasquatch and Ogopogo come to his rescue, but not without a price. He must play Sasquatch in a game of Cryptid Curling in order to get back all his hunting gear… whats that – you’ve never heard of Cryptid Curling? Well, it’s best described as a relaxing colour matching puzzle puck game of angles that’s extremely hard to put down. Including 2 player pass and play which plays very much like a game of pool with some interesting strategies for winning. A must have game for your iPhone & iPad.

New to Cryptid Curling are 60 fiendish Chupacabra challenge puzzle levels.

Cryptid Curling for iOS is OUT NOW for FREE

Technology: Unity3D

Publisher: Kinelco